NHP Series

10,000 RPM

  • Spindle Taper CAT50 Big Plus
  • Spindle Power (kw) 25/37 kW
  • Spindle Power (hp) 34/50 hp
  • Spindle Torque (Nm) 420 Nm
  • Spindle Torgue (ft-lb) 310 ft-lb
  • Power Transmission Type Built-in

15,000 RPM

  • Spindle Taper CAT40 Big Plus
  • Spindle Power (kw) 18.5/37 kW
  • Spindle Power (hp) 25/49.6 hp
  • Spindle Torque (Nm) 303 Nm
  • Spindle Torgue (ft-lb) 223.6 ft-lb
  • Power Transmission Type Built-in
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